Gov to review whether to allow people to visit relatives

Gov to review whether to allow people to visit relatives

Singapore Uncensored·2020-05-16 12:00

Source: screengrab from Lawrence Wong FB Video

The government is currently reviewing whether to allow people to visit their relatives after June 1 when the circuit breaker measures are lifted.

“We recognise that many people would like to visit their family members,” said National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, who co-chairs the multi-ministry task force tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

“Many parents and grandparents miss their children and grandchildren,” he added, stating that video calls are not the same as being physically present. The authorities understand this desire to be physically connected again, he said.

“While we would like to allow them to see one another… we have to be quite cautious in moving on such a measure. “Particularly when it comes to the elderly, because we all know that they are vulnerable, and if they were to catch the virus, the disease is potentially lethal for them.” Mr Wong spoke on this current issue at a virtual press conference yesterday.


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librajane78 21/05/2020

Like that jialat la sad 😔 😭


Ponymum 19/05/2020

Don't torture us anymore please.


Rocker 18/05/2020

i hope the govt can allow people to visit their family members. If the person is sick - you think they will pass the virus to their own family members?


Sunshine Man reply Rocker 21/05/2020

To me Visiting of family members and siblings should be OK but not friends. Friends can wait another month but family , not..


Sunshine Man reply Sunshine Man 03/06/2020

Having 2 per household per day is not feasible. Should have 4 if the family is big.


yoiq 18/05/2020

people wan to visit relatives or what,whats there got to do with GOV?,never visit then??GOV wan to take care the elder for the people?,


KWW 17/05/2020

Afraid own children will pass the viruses to their own it


sure win reply KWW 17/05/2020

i dun think they got relative.tat why do such a thing to us


OngPohHuatiLoveU reply KWW 17/05/2020



hock leong reply sure win 19/05/2020

Even they go to visit their relatives you also don't know. Don't forget that they always do what they tell us not to do. And do you think that enforcement dare to catch them.