Louis vuitton and chanel to increase product prices

Louis vuitton and chanel to increase product prices

Singapore Uncensored·2020-05-16 12:00

Top luxury brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have increased the prices of their products as they seek to make up for the lost of sales during weeks of coronavirus lockdowns.

High-end brands have all reported brisk business especially in South Korea and China, where shops began to reopen in March, partly offsetting a slump in Europe and the United States – where restrictions are only just starting to be lifted.


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boy1975 20/05/2020

we poor no wrk.no.money liao


Jade Wong 19/05/2020

Increase all you want. It’s for the rich people anyway.


王惠 18/05/2020

When times are good and sales are brisk, I don't see them slashing their price. What unfairness is this!


TML96 18/05/2020

better close down !


userr 18/05/2020