State of New York Files $225,000 Tax Warrant Against DMX

State of New York Files $225,000 Tax Warrant Against DMX

Complex - Music·2020-05-16 23:49

DMX was sentenced to one year in prison in 2018 after he was charged with 14 federal counts of tax fraud, and now he's in tax-related trouble again. As XXL Magazine reports, the Yonkers rapper has received a tax warrant for $224,845.82 from the State of New York.

"That's a state warrant arising out of the old case," DMX's attorney Murray Richman explained. "[DMX had] been charged with a federal warrant years ago. This is the same case, but this is the state aspect of that warrant, that's all. It's not something new, it's not for new acts at all." DMX was released from prison in 2019 following time for tax evasion, and upon his release was ordered by a judge to pay the government $2.29 million in restitution.


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