China confirm usa accusations of destroying corona samples

China confirm usa accusations of destroying corona samples

Singapore Uncensored·2020-05-18 17:03

A senior Chinese official confirmed recently that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s allegation that Beijing had told labs in the country to destroy coronavirus samples but slammed his characterization as misleading.

China only acknowledged that it instructed unauthorized laboratories to destroy samples of the novel coronavirus – but the reason was for “biosafety reasons.”


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peace1 21/05/2020

WHO has said Covid 19 is not bio created...


onlyone 21/05/2020

Really, i m sadden by the number of people died from the covid19 in their countries. However, i m always delighted when i read abt US dead tote. I m not against the american citizen but THEIR LEADERs If US citizen is so blind to see what their leaders truly is....sory then you deserve what it's happening at your courtyard. RIP ..


WangChiAn PCC 20/05/2020

Uncle Pompeo knows so much “secret” about China. Why your country still so many people die? Why never stop them? Blame China and WHO can solve problem? You want to open the economy so more poor people can die?


Sportlight 20/05/2020

where is Sars come from ?


Khong Vincent reply Sportlight 20/05/2020

Pompeo keep your big and dirty mouth shut up. Useless guy and take care of your own citizen first,before point finger get the fact correct. Very stupid guy.


WangChiAn PCC reply Khong Vincent 20/05/2020

You talk bad about Pompeo. The dai Lou will come find you and sanction.


Kic88 reply Khong Vincent 20/05/2020

U trust China? What biosafety reasons? Destroy evidence say destroy evidence.... now go China investigate sure cannot find anything liao...


WangChiAn PCC reply Kic88 21/05/2020

I don’t trust China or US leh. Got evidence that the virus can from them leh. Go your place also cannot find anything liao.


callmeUNCLE 20/05/2020

America will be safer and better with a new president!!


Sportlight reply callmeUNCLE 20/05/2020

New President not interested already cause Gobal Ressision he don't want to take Pandol