Asian American Man Loses Mother to COVID-19, Harassed by Racist in Walgreens

Asian American Man Loses Mother to COVID-19, Harassed by Racist in Walgreens

NextShark·2020-05-23 01:31

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A man was recently filmed at Walgreens giving a lengthy anti-Asian and n-word-filled vulgar rant without any intervention from the staff.


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retired 27/05/2020

well, that is american. they are born with it. external looks good. si,ple one word for you. you are a bastard. go and die.


Userggqx 27/05/2020

Every Racist in the world... should be whipped on their mouth for every racist words uttered. . b4 the kill themselves!!! Such a bad low class upbring..


evil whiteman burden 26/05/2020

they are evil but they impove now they only use their dirty mouth so there is hope , l like peacel 1 writes


userr 25/05/2020

can go to crazy hospital


peace1 24/05/2020

Americans are first European They came to America and invade the Indians and proclaim the land is their. They make Indian and imported Africans as irreversible slaves. It's in their nature to invade others for a good excuse. that served their selfish reason. Modern days they invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran Syria etc.... for control of their oil greed. As they invade the notorious Japan during the 2nd world war using nuclear weapons...makes them world super power. I dont understand why the world still rank American still as No 1 1) They owe the most money in the world 2) They dont take responsibilities for their incompetence and make countries that can innovate better than them as enemies (China) It's a ridiculous world ..being control by a ridiculous man call Trump...