Interesting stories behind the bridges along the Singapore River

Interesting stories behind the bridges along the Singapore River

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Interesting stories behind the bridges along the Singapore River

Discover fascinating facts about the historic Cavenagh, Anderson, Elgin Bridges, as well as the newer ones

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At the heart of many great cities is a mighty river flowing down gently – and for this Lion City, it's the Singapore River. Spanning the iconic river are many historic bridges, connecting the Civic District to the Comercial District, Clarke Quay to Boat Quay, and more. Three of the most architecturally impressive bridges – Cavenagh, Anderson, and Elgin Bridges – were most recently collectively gazetted as Singapore's 73rd National Monument. But beyond their grand facades are stories waiting to be uncovered, from the many facelifts to a dark past.

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Cavenagh Bridge

The title of 'the oldest bridge in Singapore that exists in its original form' is none other than Cavenagh Bridge. The city's only suspension bridge links the Civic District on the northern bank to the Commercial District on the southern bank of the Singapore River. Built in 1869, it was originally named Edinburgh Bridge after the Duke of Edinburgh’s visit. But it later became Cavenagh when it was named after the last India-appointed Governor of the Straits Settlement, Sir Orfeur Cavenagh. The Cavenagh coat of arms and original signages still stand at each end of the bridge that's still used by pedestrians. Based on the vintage police notices that are still up, no vehicles – even cattle and horses – are allowed to cross to this date.


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