Why 'Legally Blonde's Elle Woods Remains Our Fave '00s Feminist Icon

Why 'Legally Blonde's Elle Woods Remains Our Fave '00s Feminist Icon

Clozette·2020-05-21 16:00

Comedic chick flicks were the stuff of our 2000s, and one that definitely stood out in those carefree days of yore was Legally Blonde. We're talking about it as if it's that's so long ago because yes — believe it or not — it is almost two decades since the 2001 film premiered. Starring Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, the titular blonde, the movie based on the novel of the same name was completely riveting. It became such a huge hit that it spawned a sequel, a spin-offabout Elle's English cousins, and even a Broadway musical that expanded the iconic "bend and snap" scene beyond just a film dance number. And, by a stroke of luck, the OG cast might finally reunite after 17 years, with Mindy Kaling andBrooklyn Nine-Nine'sDan Goor tasked to pen MGM's upcoming Legally Blonde 3.


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