Family finds nearly $1 million in cash lying on the road

Family finds nearly $1 million in cash lying on the road·2020-05-27 05:02

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Talk about pure dumb and amazing luck. A family in Virginia were shocked after they found nearly 1 million dollars in cash in the middle of the road! According to the family, they were just trying to get out of the COVID-19 blues by talking an afternoon drive, when they found what appeared to be a big bag of trash laying on the street. According to the Schantz family, the car in front of them had time to swerve out of the way, but the family didn’t have time to do the same.


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onlyone 31/05/2020

They never heard abt.' finder kept '


my melo 30/05/2020

Cannot keep such unknown money ..greed never pays ..sway sway greedy kept liao..become accomplice to ransom money or other vice money..might even lose life over it or jailed ..not worth! Not yours means not yours!


Kent Cheng 30/05/2020

For me, I'll just keep the money quietly. The money most likely belongs to mobsters involved in illegal activities.


Watching U 30/05/2020

Wow .... wonder what can be found in Singapore street N lorong ...


onlyone reply Watching U 31/05/2020

Sg road!! You will get yourself a full load of rubbish.....😂


Watching U reply onlyone 31/05/2020

I like your comment its 3thumbs up !!! 😁


ehthomastan 27/05/2020

It Depends On The Actual Time That Things Happen.