Naked russian charged, threatens to shoot man at orchard

Naked russian charged, threatens to shoot man at orchard

Singapore Uncensored·2020-05-28 17:00

A Russian man is accused multiple offences which included cursing the police, breaching of COVID-19 regulations, spitting at a man and threatening to shoot him.

Larinov Andrei, 40, was handed 12 charges on Tuesday which also included the usage of criminal force and appearing drunk and nude in a public place. Another charge of molesting a woman in 2019 was taking into consideration.

On April 20th, he allegedly spat at a man before threatening him with grievous hurt by saying: “If this is Russia, I will shoot you.”.


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most elitest Elite 02/06/2020

Russian guy needs to be punish!


seb 31/05/2020

empty vesel make most noise chow ang mo. he havent met the wrong person yet if not he will be in hospital


Right or Wrong 31/05/2020

he already said, if this is russia.. hahaa


koonkoon 29/05/2020

Singapore police will shoot your backside before you shoot them in Russia 🤣


Rocker 29/05/2020