George Floyd 'would still be alive if he was white,' says city mayor

George Floyd 'would still be alive if he was white,' says city mayor

The Mirror - US News·2020-05-28 23:18

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A police officer was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Mr Floyd had allegedly tried to use forged documents in a shop


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Stoic 31/05/2020

One swift doesn't make a summer. However, mean spirited beings could really 'visualize', imagine, and make real, all hatreds they had harbored all along; now's the devil-inspired moment and opportunity to create havoc and mayhem.


WangChiAn PCC 31/05/2020

White privilege is disgusting


Userf4a6 30/05/2020

He is so arrogant that he placed his hand into his pocket while perform the harness act. That is so bluntly outraged of modesty. So racist. He is now charged with murder and I am sure he will be justified and punished while he is in jail. Many people will be achingly to serve him justice.


Useredsg 29/05/2020

that's the reality of it all. America is still the land of broken dreams. Their actions speak for themselves.


Helen Chee 29/05/2020

Abuse of power, brutality and racism by the Police officer. This is too much!!!