WW3: India and Australia share access to each other's military bases in warning to China

WW3: India and Australia share access to each other's military bases in warning to China

Daily Express - World·2020-06-07 11:02

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Chai Png 11/06/2020

do not awake & anger the chinese dragon.... US hv failed twice (Vietnam & Korea War), little Vietnam tried to play border games with big brother in the 70' but was bashed up badly at the end.... at that time.. Chinese war machine still not so good & advance.. but the Chinese still kicked their butts out.... Chinese fought wars since ancient times... if need to fight... they will fight till last available man... all talk cock & sing song only..... China too big & heavy to try... better shake hand & balls together... peace to the world is still the best universe answer to mankind.... take note...


Doan SoonNgoc reply Chai Png 12/06/2020

You are outdated talking about 70.


Lee Vince 11/06/2020

7 countries wanna war against China this time...years back 8 countries against China oso didn't manage to split China up...now China grew so much stronger n bigger n they wanna try...I doubt so


DS Sin 08/06/2020

trump safe you breathe own is in a mass how you can help other country pig


Userg8um 08/06/2020

from now who Dare to touch China.. he now is Big Big Brother.. wat ever US Russia hv they hv even more.


boy1975 reply Userg8um 08/06/2020

i just touch one china man...nothing happen len to me haha


Chai Png reply boy1975 11/06/2020

u touched the wrong China man lah... ah qua... u touched!


most elitest Elite 07/06/2020

China should observe international laws. Any disputes should be brought up to international court for resolution.


David Teo reply most elitest Elite 12/06/2020

has anyone of the others respect each others? history learned!


most elitest Elite reply David Teo 12/06/2020

I don’t think we need to address has or has they not? Each has their own answer. And the question should not be has someone do it if he is a leader. It should be what am I suppose to do to make it sustainable? If we wait for people to do then we do then what is the differences and if there is no difference, then what is there to show and what is there to learn ? It’s all homogeneous!