Retail Workers Face 'Abuse and Violence'

Retail Workers Face 'Abuse and Violence'

Newser - Crime·2020-06-08 07:03

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(Newser) – For weeks Samantha Clarke calmly listened to the insults and threats directed daily at her and her employees by people who learned they couldn't enter the Modesto, California, store without wearing a mask and following other coronavirus-related rules. But never, says the 17-year veteran of retail sales, did she expect she'd be sucker-punched and knocked to the floor, blood gushing from her battered face. Not until it happened. "I've been at this particular job 17 years and I've never heard of anyone being attacked, ever," Clarke said. After Clarke put photos of her bloody, bruised face on her personal Facebook page, it was shared thousands of times, prompting her to create a separate page, "Retail Life During COVID-19," which attracted tens of thousands of followers, the AP reports.


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