Trump humiliated as Kim Jong-un refuses to meet US President again for one reason

Trump humiliated as Kim Jong-un refuses to meet US President again for one reason

Daily Express - World·2020-06-14 11:00

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onlyone 17/06/2020

Well done NK.👍 Dun need to hv further talk afterall NK know it was political reason. The duck will only said, "we hv a very good conversation and Mr Kim and i r in very good term". All fuc*""g bull. So let not waste time. NK may not match US if a war break out. But the US will not b better off either. Besides China and Russia will not stand by and watch. US want a war, they are welcome.


WangChiAn PCC reply onlyone 19/06/2020

NK got nuclear


onlyone reply WangChiAn PCC 19/06/2020

yes, thats y US worry.


kangaroo 17/06/2020

Next meeting will be with Biden


Khong Vincent 16/06/2020

Dictator trump will never give your country, only sanction. Why? Because of your skin color. He is a racist, liars, big bully and violence human right issue, unless u are same color or u bow to him. He will kill people without anybody to decide. This is call one man show. Those who don't listen to him, out u go. He like pompeo because act like a puppet show. He is worse than a communist leader. Dictator will never listen to USA citizen, support policemen to kill them, those who disagree him and all senators too. Bye, bye.


GInger Buzz 16/06/2020

The short n fat pig can never meet Trump ever again as he is already dead. Still trying to fool world after he died ! 💩 👎 🤬 🤪 🦍 😠


The Truth 15/06/2020

Orange deranged clown he is!