Girl 'killed in her sleep' as bulldozer destroys family home

Girl 'killed in her sleep' as bulldozer destroys family home

The Mirror - World News·2020-06-15 23:12

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Footage shows the moment a huge bullzdozer rips through the home in Saudi Arabia because it was reportedly constructed without permits, as local reports claim a young girl was inside when it was torn down

Horrific footage shows the moment a bulldozer tears down a family's home as a young girl is sleeping inside, reportedly killing her.

The incident took place in the southern Saudi Arabian region of Asir when several bulldozers demolished buildings that were reportedly constructed without permits.

In the video, a huge bulldozer can be seen ripping a building down before driving through the wreckage.

Local media said a young victim, identified as Noura from Harajah in Asir Region, was killed while she was sleeping at home.

Images of the incident were widely circulated on social media with the hashtag "critical assaults kill girl Noura" written in Arabic.

According to local media, the girl's death has sparked outrage in the Saudi region and activists slammed local officials and the planning department.

Outraged groups want those responsible to be held accountable for the girl's untimely death.

Meanwhile, public prosecutor Sheikh Saud Bin Abdullah Al-Moajab has reportedly ordered an immediate investigation into Noura's death.

In April this year, Saudi forces killed a resident who refused to leave his home to make way for a planned cross-border city in the Tabuk Province.

Abdul Rahman Al-Huwaiti was a member of the Al-Huwaiti tribe who have lived in the region for centuries.

Following his death, eight tribe members were arrested, according to local media.


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