Son 'Swam for Rescue' After Attempt to Kidnap Billionaire

Son 'Swam for Rescue' After Attempt to Kidnap Billionaire

Newser - Crime·2020-06-16 07:03

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(Newser) – Chinese tycoon He Xiangjian tends to keep a low profile—but his $25 billion fortune apparently still attracted the attention of a group of kidnappers. Police say the 77-year-old was unharmed after five people broke into his luxury villa in the southern city of Foshan on Sunday, the BBC reports. According to reports in state media, the men were thought to be wielding explosive devices when they entered the billionaire's home—but He's 55-year-old son managed to elude them and swam across a river to call police. Authorities say all five suspects were arrested at 5am, almost 12 hours after they entered the home.


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