Man beat partner to death with 7kg paving slab as son, 6, cried for him to stop

Man beat partner to death with 7kg paving slab as son, 6, cried for him to stop

The Mirror - World News·2020-06-17 05:56

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Rueben Paul Penni repeatedly hit his partner Crystal Lee Selwyn in the head with a 7kg paving slab, despite his six-year-old son begging for him to stop by pulling his shirt


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Society Concern PAx 21/06/2020

this is the choice you make, chosing the wrong partner could end your life, no choice lot, own grave digger becoz he is the one she chose to be her parthner, who can you blame?


justices 21/06/2020

Animal with a bird brain....sentence to caning first....30 strokes and then hang can such be living among us...👎👎👎🤡🤡🤡🦛🐓🦝🦨


RhysKing reply justices 21/06/2020

the max caning in Singapore is only 12. not 30


justices reply RhysKing 21/06/2020

Thanks, it was a personal suggestion......overwhelmed and think of maximum I would give and not the law😌😌😌😌


Song ying 21/06/2020

17 years for murder and scarring young children who will remember this throughout their lives and will not have a mother. 17 years. Wow


Userfdqz 21/06/2020

Only 17yrs for this brutality? The judge should be hanged too.


RhysKing 19/06/2020

this idiot should be sentence to lifer or hang til death. just 17 yrs of prison life is way too cheap for him. last time I assault with weapon already sentence me to 10yrs imprisonment with 6 strokes of Cane. this guy only 17 yrs. what law is this!!!