Trump Weighs In on Rayshard Brooks Shooting

Trump Weighs In on Rayshard Brooks Shooting

Newser - Crime·2020-06-18 22:46

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(Newser) – President Trump—unlike prosecutors—appears to believe that the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta may have been justified. In remarks to Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday night, the president said it was a "terrible situation" but added that "you can't resist a police officer," the Hill reports. Trump said police in the US "have not been treated fairly" and he hopes Garrett Rolfe, the officer facing felony murder and 10 other charges, "gets a fair shake." Brooks, who was holding a Taser he had grabbed from officers during a struggle, was shot in the back from 18 feet away, prosecutors say. Rolfe kicked Brooks when he was on the ground and did not offer medical treatment, according to prosecutors.


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