Joey Meng still looks young at 50

Joey Meng still looks young at 50

The Independent - Lifestyle·2020-10-22 12:01

Hong Kong actress, beauty queen and model Joey Meng just turned 50 and she looks ‘ageless’. Joey put up a video on various social media platforms to celebrate her birthday, wishing herself well and showing fans what graceful ageing looks like.

Her youthful looks naturally garnered comments calling her both a ‘goddess’ and ‘vampire’ who never ages. The reason why Joey was called a ‘vampire’ is that she played the lead actress in hit Hong Kong drama, My Date With A Vampire, circa 1998.


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userr 26/10/2020

old auntie


Teobehpio 22/10/2020

Noted on this update and base on the picture yes is so beautiful at 50


Rose Ng 22/10/2020

Can learn from her look young and beautiful face