The 13 Coolest New Menswear Picks to Scoop This Week

The 13 Coolest New Menswear Picks to Scoop This Week

Esquire-Style·2020-10-24 18:01

Not to get too dramatic on you or anything, but holy fucking shit what a week! Right?! Right! Well, you know what, it's (pretty much) behind us now. And while a lot—a lot—of dumb shit happened, some extremely awesome shit happened too, in the form of brands big and small dropping some very good merchandise into this sick, sad world of ours. In the mood for an early Halloween? The folks on this list have you covered. Jonesing for a pair of shoes that'll have everyone asking "what are those," but in good way? You're covered, there, too. Plus, if the cold weather ever arrives, you've got some deeply fantastic outerwear options to consider. What fresh hell will next week hold? Who fuckin' knows, man. But if you're already looking fresh when you're forced to contend with it, you might have an easier time, right? Right! Cheers to the weekend. Bottoms up.


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