Visions of New Worlds, Both Hopeful and Nightmarish

Visions of New Worlds, Both Hopeful and Nightmarish

The New York Times-Books·2020-10-27 16:59

In January 2017 a comic strip series written by the journalist Jake Halpern and illustrated by Michael Sloan debuted in this newspaper. It ran until October of that year , and won its creators the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. “Welcome to the New World” is a reported work that follows a family of Syrian refugees who arrive in America on the eve of Donald Trump’s election. This real-life story is remarkable for many reasons, including the groundbreaking context of its publication: It appeared week after week in the Sunday Review under the rubric of Opinion. Its status there as a regular feature, sharing real estate with prose pieces, offered a striking and unusual showcase.


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