Anderson .Paak Is Shaping the Culture at Every Turn

Anderson .Paak Is Shaping the Culture at Every Turn

Esquire-Style·2020-10-28 18:06

Anderson .Paak had a version of his latest single, “Jewelz,” nearly ready to go way back in February. He was playing around with it, working on the mix, but he didn’t release it. “I didn't feel it was the right time,” he says. Instead, in June, the world got a very different kind of song from a musician known for his ability to jump effortlessly across genres and moods: “Lockdown.” Flipping back and forth between .Paak’s easygoing rapping and sweetly soulful singing, with a pocket so deep you want to nestle into it, the track and its accompanying video take a quiet groove and turn it into a vehicle to express the trauma at the heart of this summer’s protests across the U.S.


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