R.I.P. Robinsons - 17 businesses that closed down thanks to Covid-19

R.I.P. Robinsons - 17 businesses that closed down thanks to Covid-19

AsiaOne-·2020-11-04 10:34

Here’s an article about the retail apocalypse we wrote a year ago. What innocent times! Those closures are nothing compared to the current mass exodus of businesses as Covid-19 continues to wreck the economy.

We thought we were getting desensitised to it all… Until today, when Robinsons announced they’re closing down for good. Now that seems to have triggered the floodgates of angst. Where are we going to buy our bedding now!?


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人在做,天在看 08/11/2020

GOOD! Longed to be closed, freaking expensive n all ridiculous price, closed down and let's start afresh on a new mall or new branding. Funding those rich people


chickenfeet 07/11/2020

After reading this article, it is nothing but regrets that I have not been to some of these places while they are around. Some of them I should have visited more times.


bk2000 reply chickenfeet 07/11/2020

Same here. I have the same regretful feeling. 好可惜。


webster 06/11/2020

more to come


Thunder Bird 06/11/2020

Smart move to closed it otherwise more blood to bleed 🩸. Keep the money & reserved fund for a better opportunity. That it’s the way to do business...


limlimpeter@gmail.co 06/11/2020

OMG....it is very dangerous robinsons because they are no wear masks if government don't lockdown again so more and million people will sleeping at hospital ICU room...... hope heaven save the world safety first country......😠😪🤯🙏