Taiwanese girl's 'headless' Halloween costume goes viral

Taiwanese girl's 'headless' Halloween costume goes viral

AsiaOne-·2020-11-06 12:03

A Taiwanese dad shared on Oct 30 a video of his daughter’s “headless” costume which was so realistic that it sparked discussions online and caught the attention of Singaporean media.

The father, who lives in Tainan, called his daughter a “headless ghost” on the Facebook video in which he explained that the outfit was made by the girl’s mother, Anita.


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3633 11/11/2020

wow really scary on.that and anyway got work on that


Userfund 10/11/2020

Taiwanese really copycats


Divvy Vad 10/11/2020

I think that the so-called costume is truly horrific, and question the wisdom of a child wearing this, but kudos to the designer


most elitest Elite 09/11/2020

It’s not funny!! This is sick


Blund 06/11/2020

Very creative... Anyone see this late at night will be scared to death... hahaha 😅...