Practical Gifts Moms of Many Kids Will So Appreciate

Practical Gifts Moms of Many Kids Will So Appreciate

She Knows-Parenting·2020-11-14 05:01

Finding a gift for a new parent is never really easy — and gifts for moms who have many kids already? That one can feel next to impossible. If you’re shopping for a mom who’s just welcomed her second (or third or fourth or — gulp — fifth or more?!) child, she probably already has all the newborn necessities, like a crib and a high chair and whatnot, plus a million other things she never really needed in the first place. She’ll most likely have boxes of baby clothes at the ready for the new arrival. And with yet another child in the house taking up all the space with its tiny body, she won’t thank you for duplicate items — or really anything that’s not pulling its weight in terms of making her life easier.


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