These mobile car grooming services will make detailing your car much easier

These mobile car grooming services will make detailing your car much easier

AsiaOne-·2020-11-23 19:02

Why should you engage a mobile groomer? The question is, why not? 

Saves time travelling to a physical workshop

Save money on petrol

The additional surcharge to come to your doorstep is often negligible

You get a personalised customer experience

While the car groomers work on your car, you can spend your time doing other important stuff (like napping)

Here are four mobile car groomers that we recommend. Do look out for other services that they offer and maybe they can do a bundle deal for you. 

Max Polish LLP 

Max Polish is one of the best mobile car groomers in Singapore. It provides quality and hassle-free car grooming services right at your doorstep. It also uses premium products for its car grooming services such as Meguiar's but at affordable rates. Its car grooming package consists of a snow wash, claying and wax, rain repellent for front and rear windscreens, interior vacuum, and finished off with an application of tyre shine.

You can pamper your car even further with Max Polish's 10 additional (optional) add-on grooming services with multiple packages available too! Services they offer: Car Grooming, Wash, Wax & Polish, Mobile Car Grooming, Leather Care, Headlight Restoration, Rims De-Greasing, Exhaust Polish, Car Fumigation, Interior Refresher, Interior Detailer Opening Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm (Mon - Sun)  Contact Number: 9792 0492 


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