Scribz Riley Breaks Down Every Track On ‘Wish Me Luck’

Scribz Riley Breaks Down Every Track On ‘Wish Me Luck’

Complex - Music·2020-11-24 13:02

In a very literal sense, it was only the top of this year that soul auteur Scribz Riley made his debut as an artist. Arriving in April, his first ever single, "East Side", detailed his journey from a teen in East London to a globe-trotting hitmaker.

Accented with references to the hits that soundtracked his formative years like Tinchy Stryder's "Stryderman", So Solid's "21 Seconds" and "Gash By Da Hour" by Nu Brand Flexxx, "East Side" was a loving but far from romanticised ode to his old stomping ground, acknowledging that "things weren't always that nice", before adding that in spite of everything, "I been across the oceans and I know where my home is." But, as he alludes in the next line ("And that's E3, that's Wolfpack"), his journey started much earlier than 2020. That's right: the first moves he made into music were as part of legendary grime crew Mucky Wolfpack. Though they enjoyed their share of success with underground hits like "Bow For The Wolves", it would be as a songwriter and producer that Scribz would find success in his own right.


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