Judge John Hodgman on Contested Uno Victories

Judge John Hodgman on Contested Uno Victories

The New York Times-Science·2020-12-04 06:02

Nancy writes: My 11-year-old daughter and I play Uno during her breaks from online school. In a recent game, my last card was a Wild Swap Hands, which, if played, means you may swap hands with your opponent. She says that means she won. I disagree.

I appreciate her frustration. There’s only one Wild Swap Hands card in the deck, after all, and it was only added to the game five years ago. So, if your daughter is an Uno originalist, she may never recognize your victory. I could see an exotic legal argument suggesting that, by playing the W.S.H. card last, you must then swap your now-empty — and thus winning — hand for her remaining trash cards, making her the “winner.” But after consulting with the official Uno Twitter account, I can confirm that your win was fair and cannot be overturned. She should call off the lawsuits. They are just damaging her legacy at this point.


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