This GoPro Hero 9 deal expires tonight – get it at a reduced price while you can

This GoPro Hero 9 deal expires tonight – get it at a reduced price while you can

TechRadar·2020-12-14 06:00

The GoPro Hero 9 Black is one of the best action cameras you can buy and an even sweeter purchase thanks to a deal that reduces the price and throws in some extras.Expiring tonight, the GoPro Hero 9 is $100 off in the US and £100 off in the UK at the official store. The normal MSRP / RRP for this action camera costs $449 / £429, but it can be had for $349 / £329 until midnight PST (GoPro HQ's local time).What's more is that this deal throws in an extra battery and a 64GB microSD card. In the US you can add the Hero 9 Black dual battery charger which includes yet another spare battery for $34.99 (a $50 value and a no-brainer extra pickup).Expires at midnight PSTGoPro Hero 9 Black bundle$449just $349 at USSave $100: Comes with an extra battery and free microSD card. Requires a one-year GoPro subscription ($50). Add an optional dual battery charger + extra battery for $34.99 (a $50 value).View DealExpires at midnight PSTGoPro Hero 9 Black bundle£429just £329 at UKSave £100: A similar deal expires soon in the UK: it comes with an extra battery and free 64GB microSD card, and it also requires a one-year GoPro subscription (£50).View DealThere is a caveat to this cheap GoPro deal, but one that still makes it worth the final price, according to our deals expertise. The special prices requires a one-year GoPro subscription. The service gets you unlimited cloud storage, total camera replacement and up to 50% off at the official GoPro store (think: buying fun GoPro accessories). This adds $49.99 / £49.99 to the total, but you're essentially getting it for free along with an extra battery and microSD card and still saving another $50 / £50 on the Hero 9 launch price that many people paid back starting on September 16.Other GoPro 9 Black dealsRight now, you can get the GoPro Hero 9 Black for $50 off through Amazon US and nearly £55 from Amazon UK if you don't want the bundle for some reason.GoPro Hero 9 Black$449just $399 at Amazon USSave $50: If you really don't want the GoPro subscription for some reason, or the GoPro Hero 9 bundle deal sells out, you can always get the standalone Hero 9 Black for $50 off the MSRP at Amazon.View DealGoPro Hero 9 Black£429just £375 at UKSave £55: You can still save £55 on the GoPro Hero 9 Black by itself through this Amazon deal. It doesn't come with any extras, but you are paying less than you would have during September's launch.View DealCash-strapped? GoPro Hero 8 is cheap now tooThe GoPro Hero 8 Black is discounted in both the US and UK, costing $279 / £315, if you can live without the color LCD front display, extra battery life and other new Hero 9 features we outlined in GoPro Hero 9 vs GoPro Hero 8 comparison.GoPro Hero 8 Black $349just $279 at Amazon USSave $70: The Hero 8 Black is a year older and lacks that front LCD and 33% larger battery capacity found in the Hero 9, but you still get  Hypersmooth 2.0 stabilization, TimeWarp 2.0 and the ability to live stream and add vlogger-friendly mods to this camera.View DealGoPro Hero 8 Black £329just £315 at Amazon UKSave £15: You can get an extra £15 off last year's GoPro Hero 8 Black, and considering this action cam cost £379 when it first launched, this is a much better deal than most people realize.View Deal


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