The non-fiction books you should put on your Christmas list

The non-fiction books you should put on your Christmas list - Lifestyle·2020-12-15 07:00

The best non-fiction picks this Christmas

One of the greatest gifts you can give this year has to be a great read.

Don’t just stick to novels – autobiographies and essays can be a great shout, too.

Need a great non-fiction book to gift (or self-gift) this Christmas?

Check out this handy round-up of the best from politics and celebrity biographies to past and present feminism.

Diary Of An MP’s wife by Sasha Swire (Little, Brown)

David Cameron has much to regret but high on his list must be his friendship with the Swires: there’s a sweat-inducing indiscretion on almost every page of Sasha’s viciously entertaining account of the chumocracy at the heart of the Cameron government, to which she, as wife of then MP Hugo, had intimate access for years.

If only she could now worm herself into the Johnsonian inner circle…

Buy it for £17.99 from Waterstones.

Too Much And Never Enough by Mary Trump (Simon and Schuster)

Of all the many jaw-dropping accounts of the Trump era, this personal memoir from his niece Maryoffers perhaps the most insightful analysis of a man indulged and terrorised by his tyrannical father in equal measure.


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