Twitch Clarifies Harassment Policy, Words Like Simp Not Banned

Twitch Clarifies Harassment Policy, Words Like Simp Not Banned

Comic Book·2020-12-18 13:00

Twitch clarified their policy and told fans that words like simp and incel are not banned outright. Fans of the streaming platform were very confused when the news broke this week. But, Twitch had to get out the word after all those posts yesterday. The Terms of Service have not been changed in some sort of grandiose way, but there will be a little bit of a tilt towards keeping the community safer than it was previously. That means that people just can’t hurl these kinds of insults at each other as readily as they did in the past. Big social media companies are no strangers to these kinds of tightrope walks. Often their rules look very welcoming and rigid on the surface, while behind the scenes, they do little to curb harassment on their platforms. So, Twitch is trying to be proactive, but it remains unclear what they can really do to improve the situation. Check out what they had to say about the switch down below.


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