JB hit by flash floods, 314 forced from homes

JB hit by flash floods, 314 forced from homes

New Straits Times·2021-01-02 10:02

JOHOR BARU: Two temporary evacuation centres were opened here to accommodate 314 flood victims from 70 families after several areas were hit by flash floods following more than eight hours of heavy rain beginning yesterday morning.

The two relief centres are Sekolah Agama Kampung Cahaya Baru, Masai and Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Batu 10 in Skudai.


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Good luck 0716 07/01/2021

It was so sad for those that will hit by flood in JB and forces from home


Minime 02/01/2021

Looks like more problems are coming for the people of Malaysia. Stay safe.


ABenC 02/01/2021

even JB was also affected by the heavy rain, please stay safe.....


WuKuWuYi 02/01/2021

Since yesterday, the rain with strong winds non stop. Pray for everyone in JB hit by flash flood. Stay safe!


Felici@ 02/01/2021

JB hit by flash floor 3 1 4 forced from homes so sad 😭