The Stand: Why The Kid Didn't Appear in The Series

The Stand: Why The Kid Didn't Appear in The Series

Comic Book·2021-01-27 10:04

Last week's episode of CBS All Access's limited series adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand saw the much-anticipated debut of Ezra Miller as one of the story's most interesting and significant characters, Donald Merwin Elbert, better known as The Trashcan Man. In the novel, readers get to know Trashcan Man -- or Trashy as he's also called -- over several chapters that detail his journey to Randall Flagg's New Vegas. One part of Trashy's story includes his encounter with a character named The Kid and while that character factored Train King's extended version of the novel, they were left out of this latest series adaptation. Fans noticed this absence, but according to showrunner Benjamin Cavell, while they initially planned to include The Kid, there just wasn't a reason to add him into the story.


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