Hubert Wu Injured on Set of “Return of the Cuckoo 2021”

Hubert Wu Injured on Set of “Return of the Cuckoo 2021”·2021-02-07 16:00

Attending the blessing ceremony for new series Return of the Cuckoo 2021 <十月初五的月光>, Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) made an appearance in crutches after injuring himself on set the night before.

After filming a scene where he chases a thief, Hubert slipped and fell. “I was really careless. It happened on a walking path from the outdoor set to the makeup room. Since the path was dark and bumpy, I stepped on a rock and immediately heard a snap. I knew it was bad–the doctor told me I have a fracture, and I should not move [too much] and get more rest for a faster recovery.” The crew is accommodating Hubert’s leg injury by filming only his upper body shots until his recovery.


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