Pompeo calls for US to boycott Winter Olympics in Beijing

Pompeo calls for US to boycott Winter Olympics in Beijing

The Straits Times - World·2021-03-06 12:07

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Friday (March 5) backed calls for the United States to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, saying China's "nasty" activity made it an inappropriate host.

Mr Pompeo, a vociferous critic of Beijing while he was Mr Donald Trump's top diplomat, said the previous administration had tried in its final months to persuade the International Olympic Committee to move the Winter Games.


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Usere1u1 10/03/2021

He not angel, he devil in disguise. No authority to use gun boats.


General X 09/03/2021

The Spirit of Olympic is sought to promote international understanding through sporting competition. Since when it has become a tool for US to politicised it agenda, especially by an oust watch dog from former Trump administration.


Usergqaw 08/03/2021

Sport & politics are 2 different issues. This clown must learn to shut up!


Userfwp5 06/03/2021

Who's this "Popiah" to tell Joe.


Seanyeo21 06/03/2021

he is the biggest terrorist in this world... fat ass