What the people say

What the people say

The Star Online - News·2021-03-10 14:01

“The extension of the statutory lifespan for buses to 15 years was long awaited. We are gratified with this good news, and hope that the ministry will continue to give due consideration to our other requests as well.”– Datuk Ashfar Ali, president of the Pan Malaysia Bus Operators Association“It is unconventional to allow early tapping of one’s retirement savings, but such a move is appreciated by some as having money in hand will lend some breathing space to drivers and empower them to make better plans to sustain themselves, provided they do it prudently. However, there should be an unconditional one-off cash handout to all e-hailing drivers with the PSV licence, without needing them to show any proof of income first before applying for the aid.”– Daryl Chong, president of the Malaysia E-Hailing Drivers Association


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