Aaron Kwok Donates HK$100K To Former TVB Actor Jeff Chan Who Has Lung Cancer

Aaron Kwok Donates HK$100K To Former TVB Actor Jeff Chan Who Has Lung Cancer

8 DAYS·2021-03-15 13:01

Former TVB artiste Jeff Chan Chik Wing, who turned 38 in January 12, could not have received a worse birthday gift. The actor, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last August, was told that the cancer cells had spread and he would need more aggressive treatment.

“My body deteriorated quickly. A screening in January showed that the cancer cells in my right shoulder blade area, which had initially improved after chemotherapy, [had spread] and there’s a ping pong ball-sized lump on the right shoulder near the lymph nodes," Jeff told Apple Daily.


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Roshan 18/03/2021

That is indeed a great gesture and humanity by donating to the needy especially during their needful times. Even a rich can go poor one day by just having a critical illness and losing his or hers entire lifetime savings.


Userflsp 17/03/2021

Lung cancer is not only due to smoking or drinking, but of course too much drinking/smoking can cause tis sickness. Take things in moderation. It cud be due to polluted environment or polluted air. A female fren passed on few yrs. ago & she was a non-drinker/smoker. Her Dr. said cud be due to various problems, like the air we inhale if polluted.


Good luck 0716 16/03/2021

One would feels good to hve a ping pong ball-sized lump on near the lymph that made one can move the hand.


Teobehpio 16/03/2021

Noted on this update and my view is that due to Covid-19 every things might happen and this is what happen in Hong Kong Aaron donated HK $100k to Jeff chan and this is what Hong Kong people's want to see


userfoo250559 16/03/2021

Good morning to all of you!!! Pray for god’s peace and harmony for all of us