8 Thai women nabbed for entering country illegally

8 Thai women nabbed for entering country illegally

New Straits Times·2021-03-28 11:00

KOTA BARU: Eight Thai women were detained by the General Operations Force (GOF) for entering Malaysia illegally in Rantau Panjang and Tumpat.

The women, aged between 24 and 39, were arrested in a two-day operation that ended yesterday.

Also arrested were two men suspected to be 'tekong darat' (name given to locals who harbour illegal foreigners).


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Lim2894 28/03/2021

Entering Malaysia may not be difficult as the border between Malaysia and Thailand is very long and very thickly forested. They can easily enter Malaysia, but the difficult part is how to remain in Malaysia without being caught.


NG Mah guan 28/03/2021

hope you have received this message but hopefully you'll more careful about the best possible way to get together and know that I have received your message is ready to go back to you 😊


Albert Soon 28/03/2021

Time are bad. Many illegal immigrants trying many ways to enter