US suspends trade pact with Myanmar after bloodiest weekend

US suspends trade pact with Myanmar after bloodiest weekend

The Straits Times - World·2021-03-30 09:02

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US suspended a trade pact with Myanmar Monday (March 29) and led international condemnation of the junta’s ruthless crackdown, as protesters and mourners took to the streets after the deadliest weekend since the military coup.

Soldiers and police have killed hundreds in a brutal campaign against mass anti-coup protests demanding a restoration of democracy and the release of ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi.


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Lim2894 03/04/2021

Very difficult to intervene in another country’s domestic problem as they can easily close doors to the world. Sanctions will only make the people suffer, not the military. The military also may have support of some big foreign powers.


wonder 31/03/2021

Stupid sanction. They got prc to support la. America only know how to sanction what's the use. See North Korea they also have PRC and surviving


£££ 31/03/2021

war is around the corner.antichrist is waking


peace1 31/03/2021

Myanmar has a history of massacre, thus whats happening now is nothing new


Sco-be-do 30/03/2021

With the PRC back-up, sanction won't work against the Military junta..the only people who will suffer, are it's citizens..lah


peace1 reply Sco-be-do 30/03/2021

Very true...America don't care about the citizen...they only care about being involved...hahahaha