WHO chief says all possible Covid origins ‘need further study’

WHO chief says all possible Covid origins ‘need further study’

Malay Mail - World·2021-03-30 10:05

GENEVA, March 29 — The WHO’s chief said today that all hypotheses on the Covid-19 pandemic’s origins remained open and needed further study, based on international experts’ report on their mission to Wuhan.

World Health Organisation director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the UN health agency had received the report over the weekend, adding that all theories on how the virus entered humans remained on the table.


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Lim2894 03/04/2021

They are wasting the world’s fund and their study will end up nowhere. China will never coordinate with WHO as the truth will point to them. This WHO chief is a puppet of China. Cannot be trusted.


Never Give Up 02/04/2021

dis bloody AH needs to step and n be charged in prison! look at Taiwan...dey didn't listen to him and China... tdy they are good and safe


Ws Tan61 02/04/2021

If someone is an expert in reading faces, he knows this guy is not to be trusted. He could be easily bought by Satan. His speech n reaction tells everything. Only Satan believe in him


NG Mah guan 02/04/2021

hope all goes well with you have received the best possible way of getting a great day please find the best number 💖


citizen 01/04/2021

CCP have and will do everything possible to prevent anyone from gathering evidences that virus originated from them. Recent visit by WHO team demonstrated that.