Keeping up with Kaftans

Keeping up with Kaftans

The Independent - International·2021-04-24 19:01

India — Relaxed, comfortable, edgy and versatile, kaftans have enjoyed their moment of fame in the fashion world for years. Today, as we celebrate fashion that’s easy, relaxed and comfortable, kaftans have once again come into the limelight, stirring nostalgia.

“Individual choices have undergone a huge change since the pandemic set in. People are looking at stylish garments that have stood the test of time and are also comfortable enough to wear at home. The Indian summer is also extremely suitable for Kaftans. They are fluid and Indians are very familiar with this silhouette. It was widely used in homes as sleepwear and slowly evolved to the mainstream fashion wardrobe as well in the form of resort wear. It is but natural that they would make a comeback as a sartorial pick for many during these changing times,” says designer Ritu Kumar.


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