Hugh Jackman ‘teases Wolverine return’ with cryptic Instagram posts

Hugh Jackman ‘teases Wolverine return’ with cryptic Instagram posts

The Independent UK·2021-07-07 10:00

Hugh Jackman has teased a return to the role of X-Mens Wolverine in a series of cryptic Instagram posts.The Australian actor previously played the mutant in nine films across the X-Men franchise, retiring from the character with 2017s Logan.However, Jackman yesterday shared an Instagram story that featured a pair of images strongly hinting at a return to the role.The first was Boss Logic artwork of a Wolverine claw, and the second was an image of Jackman alongside Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios boss who oversees the Marvel Cinematic Universe.With the rights to X-Men currently under the auspices of Disney and Marvel Studios following the Disney-Fox merger in 2019, an MCU-linked X-Men film is a very real possibility in the future.However, with the entire Phase 4 slate of MCU films already announced, any X-Men film is unlikely to arrive until 2024 or 2025. Some fans suggested that the Instagram story could hint at a smaller return, via a cameo, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While Jackman has stated that he stepped down from the role as he got older, his portrayal of the character remains hugely popular with fans.The MCU has been known to bring back actors who appeared in Marvel adaptations outside the MCU, including Alfred Molina, who will reprise his role as Spider-Man 2 villain Otto Doctor Octopus Octavius in Spider-Man: No Way Home later this year.


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