34 Celebs Who Managed to Keep Their Baby News a Secret

34 Celebs Who Managed to Keep Their Baby News a Secret

She Knows-Entertainment·2020-01-18 05:06

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden recently shocked us with their announcement that baby Raddix Madden was now in the world — and they’re not the first celeb couple to keep the news of a new arrival under wraps. While the days of tracking celebrity pregnancies aren’t exactly behind us, some sneaky stars have managed to stay out of the spotlight long enough to welcome a new addition to their family in private. So, which stars have managed to keep their baby news a secret? Quite a few.

There are lots of reasons to want to keep baby news a secret. Many moms-to-be won’t disclose their pregnancies until they’re past the first trimester, and those facing high-risk pregnancies often prefer not to disclose it at all to the world at large. And for those welcoming new children via surrogate, the added layer of secrecy can help protect their surrogate’s privacy — a real point of concern where celeb-crazed paparazzi are involved. So when the world got word of these celebs’ baby news, our jaws dropped.


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