6 best Apple Watch straps of 2023 - editor-approved

6 best Apple Watch straps of 2023 - editor-approved

Yahoo - SG·2023-09-23 07:15

Now that you've gotten yourself an Apple Watch, you may want to start personalising them by changing out their straps or even the timeface. With so many options available, you'll want to choose one that suits your lifestyle better. For example, if you swim or exercise a lot, you'll want a sporty or waterproof strap. Or you're at a business meeting, and want a sleek leather strap. Whatever your needs, the choice is endless.


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Can I put any strap on my Apple Watch?

Check that you're using a strap that correlates with your Apple Watch case size.

You can use a band that’s designed for Apple Watch (1st generation) or Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3 with Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation), Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Series 9 as long as the sizes are compatible.

Bands for 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm cases are compatible with each other, and bands for 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm cases are compatible with each other.

Most bands designed for Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation), Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Series 9 are compatible with any previous version of Apple Watch.

Shop the best Apple Watch straps now

1. Best sporty Apple watch strap band - Apple Midnight Sport Loop

S$49 at Apple Singapore

Apple 41mm Midnight Sport Loop. (PHOTO: Apple)

Having used this strap during sweaty classes, I dare say this is the best fit for working out. Not only it's durable, it's also lightweight and made from recycled content. The strap doesn't graze your skin the way I feel sometimes with silicone bands, which makes this strap so versatile and soft to the skin.

2. Best luxury Apple watch strap band - Hermes Single Tour 41 mm

S$532 at Hermes

Hermes Single Tour 41 mm. (PHOTO: Hermes)

At first glance, you'll instantly recognise this pop of colour! Hermes' single tour band in Orange Swift is made from calfskin and exudes sophistication from the boardroom to parties and dinners.

3. Best affordable luxury Apple watch strap band - Michael Kors

S$349 at Michael Kors Singapore

A photo of Michael Kors Pavé Two-Tone Strap For Apple Watch. (PHOTO: Michael Kors Singapore)

This dressy watch strap band would definitely turn heads! This pavé-accented style is designed to be compatible with your Apple Watch for a sleek-and-chic finishing touch. Slip it on with an arm full of bangles for a luxe twist to any ensemble.

4. Best affordable silicone Apple watch strap band - Amsky

S$20 at Amazon Singapore

Amsky 6-pack watch strap band. (PHOTO: Amazon Singapore)

Why settle for one, when you can have six watch strap bands? Amsky has a six-pack sport bands deal, so you'll not want to miss this! The vibrant selection of colours allows you to mix and match according to how you feel for the day, and the soft silicone band 'sits' on your skin without tugging too much. Comes with an extra double buckle secure slot to ensure your watch doesn't move too much.

5. Best metal Apple watch strap band - Fullmosa

S$17.49 at Amazon Singapore

Fullmosa Stainless Steel Watch Band. (PHOTO: Amazon Singapore)

Another affordable strap for the win! Fullmosa Apple watch band is cut and crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, with a high-tech surface, nobility, and durability function. Every detail has been taken into account in the manufacturing process in terms of workmanship, design and aesthetics.

One satisfied shopper even shared, "The product is well-finished and elegant. Looks like a quality steel band of the earlier days when steel bands were in vogue."

6. Best rugged Apple watch sport strap band - Spigen

S$31.99 at Amazon Singapore

A photo of Spigen Apple Watch strap band. (PHOTO: Amazon Singapore)

With a strong 4.4 star and over 41,000 ratings, this contender came out strong in terms of its durability and rugged function. The strap band is well-designed and comes with a scratchproof and shock-absorbent layer. On top of that, the matte finish with carbon fiber accents adds a modern look to every wearer.

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