Boris Becker flaunts romance with new girlfriend after ex-wife furore

Boris Becker flaunts romance with new girlfriend after ex-wife furore

Yahoo Singapore·2021-08-14 22:00

German tennis legend Boris Becker has put on a very loved-up display with new girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro during a holiday in Ibiza.Becker has been flaunting the new romance with Monteiro over the last week as the pair soaked up the sun on the Spanish island.Boris Becker and Lillian De Carvalho Monteiro have been soaking up the sun in Ibiza. Image: GettyBecker and Monteiro have been spotted on yachts and at beach clubs together, frolicking in the ocean.They were also seen at Wimbledon together last month - the scene of Becker's greatest triumph.The pair have reportedly been together since last year, when Becker's ex-wife took exception to photos of Monteiro applying sunscreen to one of her children.Lillian De Carvalho Monteiro and Boris Becker at Wimbledon. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)Lilly Becker penned an angry message to Menteiro in a since-delated Instagram post over photos of son Amadeus with Monteiro.Let me put it his way so you understand: during the period of #corona! Lilly wrote.You're the 2nd girl within 7months to make breakfast - pizza- pancakes for my son!No girl - as a mother please respect my son and go take pics with Boris Becker in your cute bikini and your fabulous body but I beg you step away from my son!B won't tell you! But I will otherwise you won't get the message! Have a fab holiday - without touching my kid! He's off limits! Period!!The tennis ace, 53 ,Boris Becker can't keep his hands off sizzling bikini-clad girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro as the couple put on a VERY cosy display on a boat in Ibiza Space-reporter-news (@Spacereportern1) August 11, 2021Lilly, who separated from Becker in 2018, then continued her attack on Monteiro.There are rules, Lilly told The Daily Mail. They arent written down, but there are woman-to-woman rules, a kind of code of conduct about these things.When I was Boriss new girlfriend, I adhered to them. When I was on holiday for the first time with his children from his first marriage, I called his ex-wife, Barbara, beforehand. You just do.She didnt do that. Worse, she ignored me when I tried to make contact - and I was polite, too. I wished her a good holiday. Yet next thing I knew she was in all the papers putting sunscreen on my son.I had asked her not to mother my child. So yes, I am furious. My son is out of bounds. Hands off him.Lilly said Monteiro shouldnt be taking on her role as a parent.What bothers me is that this is the second woman in six months to go on holiday with my son - in a global pandemic, she said.This is not normal. It certainly isnt normal that shed be putting suncream on him. Thats a parenting job. And he didnt need her doing it.Boris and Lilly Becker are said to be finalising their divorce after they separated in 2018 after nine years of marriage.As well as son Amadeus, they also have 20-year-old son Elias together.Becker also has a son (Noah, 26) with ex-wife Barbara, as well as a daughter (Anna Ermakova, 20) with Angela Ermakova.The 52-year-old is a six-time grand slam champion and won Wimbledon in 1985 as a 17-year-old, becoming the youngest winner of the grass-court grand slam ever.


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