Britain signs deal with Japan and Italy to produce Tempest fighters for RAF

Britain signs deal with Japan and Italy to produce Tempest fighters for RAF

Yahoo - SG·2022-12-09 21:01

A prototype of a Tempest stealth fighter at RAF Marham (PA)

Britain has signed an agreement with Japan and Italy to produce the next generation of RAF fighters with the potential to carry hypersonic missiles.

The Tempest jets will be part of The Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) which, it is claimed, will be able to compete in the marketplace with aircraft produced by the US and other major powers.

The programme is the first time Japan, which is in the process of rapidly expanding its military budget and the capabilities of its armed forces, has gone into a major defence programme with European states.

Tokyo has indicated that it is seeking closer cooperation with Nato followingthe Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Talks are also believed to have been held with India regarding future participation in the programme, illustrating the increasing focus on the Indo-Pacific with rising challenge from China.

Both Japan and India are viewed as possible future partners in some aspects of Aukus, the defence treaty announced last year between Australia, UK and US.

The Tempest is due to replace the Typhoon, which was a collaboration between the UK, Italy and Germany, in 2035. Manufacturers say it will offer a range of possible options including unmanned aircraft, advanced sensors and extensive use of AI.


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