China's 'aggression' laid bare as Jack Straw warns 'we must stand up to them' now

China's 'aggression' laid bare as Jack Straw warns 'we must stand up to them' now

Daily Express - World·2020-06-07 11:02

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Vic Koh 08/06/2020

How hong kong is run is none of your business. Hong Kong has always belong to China. The housing and social plague is what you white trash left behind.


Userfvza 08/06/2020

What a evil intent. You guys want to see hongkong continue to be in chaos where foreign agents can freely operate in hongkong to carry out the subversives against the mainland.


Wang yau sen 08/06/2020

Dominic Raab , why didn't you speak out during the British colony rules when HK is in choas where are you..?


onlyone 07/06/2020

Who is talking abt hk being one country- one system?? Asshole dun put words in their mouth. Nothing to do/say, go play with your koko.


water arrow 07/06/2020

you are silly . All the while HK belongs to China. you white devil steals HK from China during the Opium war and you dates to said HK is part of Britain. you better retire and don't talk cock ck here.