Commentary: Battling with the mynas who come into my home and won't leave

Commentary: Battling with the mynas who come into my home and won't leave

Channel NewsAsia - Commentary·2020-08-02 06:16

There have been sightings of animals venturing out to urban spaces. The myna has been more than a regular visitor in this writer's home.

SINGAPORE: It started rather innocuously. At first, there was a tentative peek through the grille in the yard. 


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cavaresh06 02/08/2020

No food visible will do


sunnytan 02/08/2020

Why not put a mesh or a any net on your window grill, that way the birds cannot get thru. If the bird gets in once and find food, they will come back again.


highwa 02/08/2020

😂😂 At last someone speak out about this nuisance mynas bird that ventured to people house I have a fair share of this mynas issue, it really piss u off , when they pick on your food that lay there ready to be cook What I do to put a stop once n for all , I catch them I put a string tie to one of the kitchen window n string lay up to my hall , all windows are closed except one that tie with the window n I wait for them to enter n I slowly shut the window, I approached the kitchen with my fish net n just catch them all Put inside a paper bag for 3 hrs , after that I use my bare hands catch hold of the bird leg n bring it to the window put it outside, the bird will struggling n screaming all his might that attract many other mynas come to investigate what is happening, this includes the next block people come out what is happening, I hold the screaming bird for 3 minutes n Just let the bird fly away From that day onwards, not a single mynas fly to my kitchen again for a long time