Dragon dance unlike any other

Dragon dance unlike any other

The Star Online - Metro·2020-01-21 00:00

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CHINESE New Year is getting all the more marvelous at Aquaria KLCC with Malaysia’s first underwater Chinese dragon dance performance, in celebration of its 15th anniversary. The show features a dragon dance troupe that leads visitors to the underwater dragon performance. Along with that roaring and prosperous drum performance bringing in power and good luck, there is also an appearance by the God of Prosperity blessing both visitors and the marine life. And for the one-of-a-kind dragon dance performance under water, there are two special guests — two large turtles gliding and interacting through the water which adds to the memorable sight. Present for the whole spectacle was Aquaria KLCC managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Simon Foong. “Considering it is an aquarium, the space was very limited and therefore very difficult to carry out such a performance,” said Foong, adding that it was Aquaria’s way of showing visitors that they were different and able to create a unique experience for everyone to enjoy. The elaborate 20-minute performance was done by Aquaria’s trained personnel with six coordinated individuals who were essential for the performance. “They have been training very hard for the past two months just for this very moment,” said Foong, elaborating on preparation for the performance. Preparing for such an event required extra caution as the materials used for both the dragon and costumes had to be free of chemicals, and soaked in salt water to safeguard the health of the marine life. Besides the performance, in conjunction with the Year of the Rat, Aquaria is holding a rodent exhibition to raise awareness and remove the negative connotation associated with rats. There are several various species of rodents that are part of the rainforest ecosystem in Malaysia, he said. “My favorite is the moon rat and bamboo rat, which are very loveable and beautiful,” said Foong, adding that he hoped Malaysians would see a side of them that they normally do not see. Foong said it was an opportune moment for visitors to see how beautiful the dragon dance could be done underwater.


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