Evernote adds task management tools for personal projects

Evernote adds task management tools for personal projects

Yahoo Singapore·2021-06-04 14:00

What does Evernote have in common with Trello and Asana? Before today, not much. But now you can use the one-time king of note-taking apps to manage personal projects with the introduction of a new feature called Tasks. Part of what separates the tool from your average Evernote to-do list is that you can add due dates and reminders to them. In the latter case, you can append up to five separate ones to a single task, and turn on notifications if you want to get alerts outside of the app. Its also possible to flag individual tasks if you want to get even more organized.A new interface you can access from the navigation sidebar allows you to sort your tasks by note title, due date and flag status. Additionally, you can add, edit and check them off directly from this view, and filter them using specific date ranges and the like. Any changes you make here will be instantly reflected throughout the app, and you can tap on the title of a note to navigate directly to it.Before Evernote officially adds tasks later this year, its allowing everyone to beta test the feature by downloading the latest versions of its app. Once the trial period is over, certain features within tasks will only be available to paying customers.


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