Exploring resilience with refugee art exhibition “Portals of Longing” in Singapore

Exploring resilience with refugee art exhibition “Portals of Longing” in Singapore

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An upcoming exhibition, “Portals of Longing”, will immerse visitors in a world of vibrant paintings by talented refugees from Liberty to Learn Berhad (FUGEE), running from February 26 to March 3, 2024, at Wisma Atria Indoor Event Area Level 1.

Unprecedented in its focus, this exhibition sheds light on the journeys and narratives of refugee artists, aiming to raise awareness about the impactful work of FUGEE in Malaysia.


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Through a collection of expressive artworks, “Portals of Longing” delves deep into the experiences of refugees from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, and Myanmar. Each artwork is a testament to the artists’ longing for home and acceptance, portraying resilience and hope for a brighter future amidst adversity.

(From left to right) Sai Paing Htet Linn, Masuma Tavakoli, Nour Aldeen Salama. (Photos: =DREAMS Asia/FUGEE)

Artists like Mousa Elias Salameh Shokeh, Nour Aldeen Salama, Fatema H. Zada, and the father-daughter duo Abdulraouf and Reham bring unique perspectives and compelling stories to this exhibition.

Photo: Reham Baydoun and Abdurouf Baydoun

Organised by =DREAMS Asia in collaboration with FUGEE, this exhibition marks a significant initiative in spotlighting refugee art in Singapore. Mentored by esteemed Malaysian artists, these refugee artists have poured their creativity and passion into their works, offering viewers a glimpse into their world and the universal language of art as a tool for bridging gaps and fostering empathy.


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Amidst a global landscape of forced migration, “Portals of Longing” is a poignant reminder of the resilience and creativity that thrive in adversity. By showcasing the talents and narratives of refugee artists, this exhibition invites affluent guests to explore the profound experiences and meaningful messages embedded within each piece, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the refugee community and their remarkable contributions to the art world.


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